Brungle Public School

Gadhaang Galingabangbur Yalbiligirri - Happy Children Learn

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Aboriginal Environmental Centre

Our school grounds have been developed for Aboriginal and Environmental learning using the Learnscape process. In 2007, our school was granted status as the Brungle Aboriginal Environmental Education Centre (BAEEC) by the NSW DET.

Preschools, public and private primary and high schools , TAFE, universities and educationalists from interstate and overseas have already visited our school's BAEEC.

We are developing programs in Aboriginal Education which include Cultural Customs and Practices such as string making, boomerang and spear throwing, didgeridoo and clapsticks, Aboriginal art & jewellery making. Lessons in Wiradjuri language and demonstations of fire sticks, traditional artefacts and Dreamtime stories from local Elders are a part of our programs available.

Our Learning Centre is available for bookings for TermsĀ 2, 3 and 4 and we recommend a maximum of approximately 40 students per visit.

BAEEC is self-funded and we therefore ask for a donation ($8 per student Public schools, $10 per student Private schools) to help cover costs.

Staff available this year include:

  • Local Aboriginal Elders.
  • Aboriginal Community members & Wiradjuri Language teachers.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Aboriginal Discovery Rangers.

Enquiries and bookings can be made at Brungle Public School on 6944 9160 (ph) or 6944 9147 (fax).