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Gadhaang Galingabangbur Yalbiligirri - Happy Children Learn

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In 2001 Brungle Public School started participating in the Learnscape Project, which originated in the UK and has spread across the world. Brungle was the first school in NSW to obtain 'Level 2' accreditation.

It has become a central feature in successfully combining our school community and developing quality educational programs.

Our aims in introducing the Learnscape Project were:

  • To involve the whole community in the development of the school.
  • To develop the school grounds as an exciting place for learning based on the curriculum.
  • To improve the literacy, numeracy and thinking schools of the students.
  • To give ownership of the project to the school community.

 Learnscape Projects areas completed  include:

  • The Bollygum Native Tree and Shrub Nursery
  • A vegetable and herb garden and compost bin
  • Construction of separate 'boys area' and 'girls areas'
  • Murals and paintings throughout the school
  • History Island
  • The Giant Chess Set
  • The Corroboree and Camp Ground